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We map the talents and motivations of employees and / or teams in order to build more efficient teams and organizations.

These insights also form a positive starting point for feedback and evaluation, and for the recruitment and selection of new employees. Based on Personal Development Plans (PDPs), we define areas in which the employee can / must develop.

By focussing on talent development, blended learning and internal mobility, we increase employee engagement. We encourage managers to strengthen that employee. By involving them more in (the performance of) their team, we turn them into people managers. 

In concrete terms: 

  • We stimulate career ownership by providing insight into talents and motivations.
  • We focus on talent development
  • We create an environment in which internal mobility is natural (self-evident).
  • We invest in talent oriented leadership and talent coaching.
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UQ Career

UQ Career guides teams and people one-to-one towards better career choices and career ownership, by making talents, skills, motivation and work values visible.

Supported by self-knowledge and self-confidence, these insights help people make the right career choices and prepare for the work challenges of tomorrow.

More information about UQ Career can be found here.

Some realizations

Non-stop coaching, guidance and challenging of team leaders towards the role of manager.

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