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Smart HR 4.0

With specific tools we visualize employees in terms of roles, skills, achievements, talent and the fit with vision and values.

By mapping strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks real time, you as a supervisor/manager get a tool to professionalize your people management, objectify insights, and transform your managers into people managers.

In short, by focusing on talent management, we shift the focus to people within the organization and place the ‘H’ in ‘HR’ at the centre. 

In concrete terms, this means we focus on:

  • Employee Experience and Employee Value Proposition
  • Proactivity and agility
  • New technologies and data driven HR
  • An innovative working environment with an open, transparent culture wherein talent thrives.
  • Talent based recruitment that minimizes the risk of frozen career paths
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Manager Peter Dick is a certified Q7Leader expert.

This innovative HR Framework helps organizations employee development, composition of suitable teams, role definition, and uncovering opportunities for growth.
Q7Leader provides people managers with action-oriented people analytics and real-time insights, so that they improve at motivating team members and supporting talents.

More information about Q7Leader can be found here.

Some realizations

Introduction and roll-out of competence management as a pilot project. Based on respect for the individual, quality and proactive development, communication, integrity, and customer and result orientation.

By Merging two teams economies of scale were created and best practices from both teams were applied mutually.

Reorganization of contract administration and invoicing departments (from four teams to two), including a savings plan.

Relocation of a team from Ghent to Brussels and integration into the team there.

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