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Business Transformation – Organizational redesign

HR, finance and administration may not be your core business, but they do need attention within your organization. That is why DynamICK wants to be your co-pilot, so that you can focus on your strategic and commercial objectives.

Our helicopter view allows us to take a close look at your organization and to provide the right solutions: the right people in the right place, suitable software tools and optimization of your processes.  

The impact of this on your employees cannot be underestimated.

This is also why DynamICK is the right partner, with extensive experience in change processes – as a change manager and sponsor.

Central to this: the symbiosis of an efficient and high-performing organization on the one hand, with respect for employees on the other.

Integration process in mergers and acquisitions

A takeover or merger is a complex operation that involves a lot of work. It is also something that lies far outside your comfort zone. For the financial & legal part, you will of course be assisted by specialists in the field. But will that also be the case for for the integration of both companies into 1 ambitious and future-oriented organisation? 

Because 84% or 5 out of 6 of all mergers and acquisitions fail and do not achieve the intended commercial synergies and financial objectives. The negative impact is often considerable. Think of the valuable time invested, the financial loss, damage to image or staff turnover. The fact that so few integrations succeed is not so abnormal! There is much more to integration than meets the eye.

Do you have an integration and communication plan? How do you ensure that all employees are involved in the new ambitious story and feel committed to the new organisation? How do you prepare the managers of both organisations to deal with resistance? How do you introduce both organisations to each other? How do you align the tools and processes of both organisations? ... It is obvious that experts like DynamICK are absolutely an added value..

As a founding partner of Fusies & Overnames (= Mergers & Acquisitions) DynamICK supports and guides you to make the integration process a success.

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Several realizations

Reorganisation of the contract administration and invoicing departments, whereby four teams were reduced to two.

Business processes were coordinated with each other, best practices were adopted/taken over.

Results: scaling up, and the acquisition and centralisation of O2C (Order to Cash) tasks from smaller business units, leading to significant cost savings and greater efficiency

Setting up a credit management department for a large international group, competent for Belgium and Luxembourg.

The totally new approach to customers and sales, based on new tools, led to a decrease in DSO from 57 to 39 days.

The new department focuses on open, communicative cooperation with sales in the creation of sustainable customer intimacy

Implementation of OnGuard as a credit management tool for a global player.

The combination with structured credit management processes resulted in a 5-day decrease in DSO.

The basis of the success was the focus on an LT relationship with the customer, in close collaboration with sales. 

Setting up different e-billing channels for B2B and B2C, with a success rate of 45 percent in 3 months.

Moreover, this allowed the credit management process to be speeded up, allowing for a shorter response time. 

The coordination of a redesign ERP software project for a local SME, including the rollout of the new software and adapted processes.

A very radical process, accompanied by a change steering group with Peter at the head.

The new processes led to DOS certification (Dealer Operating Standards or internal quality requirements). 

A tax ruling on Patent Income Deduction had an ROI within 3 months.

This ruling resulted in a significant reduction in the income tax over several years.

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